Ms. Nick, what is so special about your vag*na?

The cabaret artist Désirée Nick likes to distribute. This time against a society that pushes older women to the sidelines. A conversation without shame.

Ms. Nick, we would like to start with a question that we only dare to ask you.
Well, I’m really excited!

What’s so special about your vag*na?
She is much more attractive than my face. She is perfect and ageless, no surgery whatsoever. Unfortunately, my vag*na seems like BER airport: it’s available to everyone, but no one wants to visit it. That’s why I write a chapter about her in my book.

Désirée Nick appears naked in “Playboy”

For the new issue of the magazine, the entertainer has dropped the covers. At 66, Désirée Nick is now the oldest ” Playboy” cover girl in Germany.

Désirée Nick is best known for her pointed tongue and with her direct manner she is a welcome guest on TV shows. But the entertainer also regularly causes a stir with photos of herself. On Instagram she showed herself freely, posing in fishnet stockings or topless behind a glitter curtain .

At the age of 66, she has now taken off all her clothes and had herself photographed for “Playboy” for the first time. She graces the new issue – making her the magazine’s oldest cover girl in Germany . Désirée Nick gave a foretaste of the photos that were taken a few weeks ago in an Italian palazzo in Sicily on Instagram.

“Nothing has been done to my body”

“The grande dame of provocative entertainment begs for it – clear the stage for her most erotic appearance” is emblazoned on the cover of “Playboy” next to a photo of the former jungle queen. She sits on a sofa, wearing nothing but a dressing gown that is open at the front, revealing her bare breasts. She has her legs crossed and is smiling lasciviously into the camera with her lips slightly parted.

But Désirée Nick isn’t just about the photos – there’s an important message behind them: The 66-year-old wants to take a stand against age discrimination against women. “I think this ‘Playboy’ shoot is groundbreaking, it’s a political statement because it’s important to look at mature women over 50 in a new way and to portray them confidently in their femininity,” said the entertainer in an interview with the magazine.

The view of a woman in the middle of life is full of prejudice. “I want to break through these role models and clichés. I have transported everything that is called erotic charm to a completely new age group. And that is exactly what I show with and through ‘Playboy’,” explains Désirée Nick. She had to develop her self-confidence for a long time. It only came with success and age.

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