Basketball World Cup: Germany – Latvia: pure drama! DBB team in the semi-finals

Basketball World Cup: Germany – Latvia: pure drama! DBB team in the semi-finals despite the Schröder debacle

Now it’s getting serious! The 2023 Basketball World Cup is entering its hot phase. The DBB team is also right in the middle. In the quarter-finals there will be a match between Germany and Latvia (Wednesday, 6 September, 10:45 a.m.).

While Germany wants to reach the semifinals against outsiders Latvia, the opponent has already been determined. Just in time for this there is good news again about a hope of the DBB team.

Basketball World Cup: Germany – Latvia in the live ticker

All information about the duel between Germany and Latvia at the 2023 Basketball World Cup can be found here in our live ticker!

Germany – Latvia 81:79 (13:16, 23:18, 26:25, 19:20)

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AFTER THE GAME: Big relief for the Germans! Now it’s up to the USA in the semifinals. Hopefully then with a better Dennis Schröder than today against Latvia. He only hit four out of 26 throws and scored nine points in the end.

PLAYING! Drama was brewing and it was getting dramatic. The Germans couldn’t complete their last attack and then the Latvians came again. The last throw of the Latvians doesn’t go in and then it’s over.

9. Latvia is actually coming back here. Only two more points. This could be a more than just dramatic ending.

8. But now two important points from Schröder, who then sunk the free throw. Less than three minutes left on the clock.

6. The lead is only five points! Latvia is back, while Dennis Schrader only hit two of 19(!) shots.

4. The last five minutes run and Latvia reduce to eight points. Immediately there is a break from Germany.

2. This is now the highest leadership of the Germans! The DBB team leads with eleven points. The knot has finally burst.

4th quarter: The last ten minutes and Germany scores right at the start. Good start at least.

END OF 3RD QUARTER: The Germans continue to lead, but a dramatic final phase is looming. The DBB team is currently leading with just three points. Latvia remains in the game and makes life difficult for Schröder and Co.

8. Latvia with the time-out because the DBB team is suddenly better and leads by four points. But it remains very exciting here.

8. Wagner is becoming more and more aggressive and stronger. But Latvians always answer

6. What gives Germans hope: Franz Wagner is back! Eight points, five rebounds and two assists from him. Very important if Schröder cannot convince.

4. There is another change of leadership, but it won’t stay that way for long. It’s still a tough game for the Germans. Schröder was able to score his first two points.

2 . Latvia starts just as well as in the 1st quarter, Germany just as weak. Four point lead for the underdog!

3rd Quarter: Let’s move on. Is Schroeder coming back now? But Latvia gets the first points directly with a three and there is also a free throw. Stupid start.

END OF 2ND QUARTER: It’s a close game. The Latvians play with a lot of self-confidence and make things really difficult for the Germans here. Dennis Schröder with a very weak performance so far with zero points. But Andreas Obst is in great shape. The DBB team leads with 36:34. Now there is a ten minute break.

9. Crazy closing phase here in the 2nd quarter! There were a few lead changes and now Germany leads by two points with 25 seconds left.

7. Not Schröder, not the Wagner brothers: It’s fruit that dominates here.

6. Time out Germany! The national coach didn’t like the last few minutes. Schröder’s numbers are shocking. He threw out seven times and missed seven times.

3. Strong game by Thiemann! The best German so far also has the most points. Schröder, on the other hand, still has a lot of room for improvement.

1. That looks much better! The DBB team scores four quick points and is now leading. Latvia reacts and takes the time-out.

2nd quarter: Let’s move on.

END OF 1ST QUARTER: That was a decent final spurt for the Germans! After a catastrophic start, Dennis Schröder and Co. come back and reduce the gap to three points.

9. Just eight points in nine minutes. What the DBB team is currently showing is far too weak. No structure, ball losses and the throws don’t go in. Hopefully that will change in the second quarter.

7 . Important threesome from Voigtmann! Are the Germans coming back now?

6. Latvia is ten points ahead and now Gordon Herbert has a time-out. The DBB team is completely out of character.

5. Weak start for the DBB team so far! The throws just don’t fall. The national coach is not yet thinking about a break.

2. Obst gets the first points with a great threesome. The DBB team is still having a hard time here.

Tip-Off: Let’s go! The first points belong to the Latvians. Germany wants to respond, but fails with Schröder.

BEFORE BEGINNING: The five players in the DBB team who will start: Johannes Voigtmann, Daniel Theis, Andi Obst, Isaac Bonga and Dennis Schröder. Franz Wagner initially takes a seat on the bench, but will gain a few minutes as the game progresses.

BEFORE BEGINNING: It starts in just a few minutes. The two teams are now back in the dressing rooms and are preparing for the game.

BEFORE BEGINNING: The DBB team has just officially announced it. Franz Wagner will finally be back on the dance floor.

BEFORE BEGINNING: Where will the game be broadcast? As always, all information is available here.

BEFORE BEGINNING: Reaching the semi-finals would be the greatest success since 2002. It would only be the second time that the DBB team has qualified for the top four – and participation in the Olympics could also secure that. At the 2002 World Cup, Germany made it to the semi-finals with an outstanding Dirk Nowitzki, but then lost to Argentina. In the end, they even got third place, which was by far the best performance at a World Cup tournament.

BEFORE BEGINNING: Good news for the DBB team! Hopeful Franz Wagner could return as a bench player. “We haven’t decided that yet. We will make a decision. If Franz can train properly, we will decide that. We had a very good rotation in Abu Dhabi and in the World Cup opening game against Japan,” said Herbert on Tuesday. Time will tell if he can play or not. But that gives the Germans hope. Wagner injured his ankle in the 81-63 win over Japan in the opening game and has been out ever since.

BEFORE BEGINNING: The next opponent has already been determined. In a possible semi-final, Olympic champions USA would be waiting. Head coach Steve Kerr’s team convincingly defeated Italy in the quarterfinals with a score of 100:63.

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