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Fantasy Football Today

Position by position and questions by question to get ready for Week 5

How should you handle bye weeks? 

How should you handle the seemingly imminent returns of Jonathan Taylor and Cooper Kupp

How should you handle the suddenly floundering Bengals offense?

You’ve got a lot of questions, and hopefully, we’ve got some answers. That’s the way this is supposed to work, and today’s newsletter is about trying to give you the answers you need. First up, we’ve got Heath Cummings’ Week 5 position previews, where he tackles the biggest questions facing each position ahead of our first week of bye weeks. We also covered a lot of trade-talk ground on the Wednesday FFT podcast

Then, I’m actually answering your questions, with an #AskFFT mailbag. Want to get your specific questions answered? Well, we’ve got plenty of opportunities for that on the Fantasy Football Today YouTube channel, so make sure you subscribe to get notified every time we go live. And then you can email me at Chris.Towers@Paramount.com to get included in our next #AskFFT mailbag Sunday morning. 

Let’s get those answers you’re looking for.

Week 5 Position Previews

Every Tuesday, Heath Cummings previews each position, providing injury insights, key stats to know, the best waiver-wire adds, DFS targets, and more for quarterbackrunning backwide receiver, and tight end. Here’s a brief rundown of each position, along with some key details you need to know before you go read Heath’s full breakdowns:

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